A Perfect Marriage: TurningArt and Vizit/Isabella Products

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I checked out the September Mass Innovation Night #MIN18 and saw some cool products. The best was Vizit from Isabella Products. They had a good pitch and a great product that solves a 10-year old problem.

Vizit Digital Picture Frame from Isabella Products

Digital Photo Frame Problem Solved

Vizit is a digital photo frame like you’ve seen and heard about for the last 10 years. A nice way to display and view some of the 5 million digital photos you have taken over the years. But they have a super slick implementation that solves the two biggest digital frame problems: how to get pictures on it and how to keep it updated with new pictures.

Vizit solves the problem by using a mobile device embedded in the frame. This allows you to email a photo directly to the frame. It’s genius! You can give the frame to your mom, snap a cell phone photo of your son’s first soccer game, email it to the frame, and before you even leave the field your mom will see her grandson playing soccer! There are no USB cables, no downloads or uploads, no memory sticks. Just email it and it shows up.

You can also control the frame from a the Vizit website. So you can prune out old pictures or add new ones from there. Or if mom accidentally deletes a pic, you can add it back. The frame is always relevant and current. Very cool.

Ridiculously Easy Setup

Another problem they solved is making it very simple. Since it uses embedded mobile, it receives photos via a cellphone network. This means there is zero setup. You take it out of the box, plug it into a power outlet, and you are done. Your mom doesn’t need to have wifi and she doesn’t have to configure anything. She plugs it in to the power outlet and it just works automagically!

Vizit needs to Connect with TurningArt

A few days ago I discovered TurningArt at the Web Innovators Group. Basically, they provide a Netflix DVD service for framed art. The service and implementation are very cool, and TurningArt won the WebInno Audience Choice Award. But it seemed obvious to me that they should supplement their physical frame and delivery system with a digital plan. That would allow all kinds of options for changing the artwork, making recommendations, finding new art, etc. I spoke to them about it, but unfortunately they had no plans for a digital offering.

Now that I’ve discovered Vizit, I think it’s a perfect fit for TurningArt. It should be very easy to enhance TurningArt to control the Vizit frame. They’d then have a ready-to-go alternative to delivering their art and expanding their market. And it would be great for Vizit, too: they would gain a whole new market for their frames.

Stay tuned and we’ll see if they connect. It’s a no-brainer that would accelerate the success of both their products.

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