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Francis Lichtenberger

About this site

This is one of my personal sites. I’m Francis Lichtenberger, a well-rounded software engineer with an oversized entrepreneurial streak. I grew up in LA, but Boston is now my home base. I’ve had a few startups and been at a few others.

Want to know more about me? You can find me in the usual places including Francis Lichtenberger on LinkedIn. Or contact me directly.

About the site name

The name Various Startups is a bit of an inside joke. At a conference, I wanted to do some “stealth-mode” job search networking. So without thinking too much about it, instead of using the name of my current company I listed my company as “Various Startups.” Naturally, this printed on my name tag. When I bumped into a few friends from work, they quite rightly gave me a lot of grief about my “secret” job search.

I was at another event the following week, along with some of the same buddies. While talking to another attendee that we just met, we asked him what he does for work. His reply: “I work at various startups.” Much laughter followed, and that night I registered the name.

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